Word order

Particle も(mo)

The particle も mo marks an item that is in addition to another item introduced in the context. It means also or too.

A は(wa) X です(desu).  A is X.

B も(mo)  X です(desu).  B too is X.


たなかさん は にほんじん です。(Tanaka san wa nihonjin desu)

Tanaka is a Japanese.


うみこさん も にほんじん です。(Umiko san mo nihonjin desu)

Umiko is Japanese too.


わたし は ねこ が います。いぬ も います。とり も います。

(Watashi wa neko ga imasu. Inu mo imasu. Tori mo imasu.)

I have a cat. I also have a dog. I also have a bird