Question words なに、だれの、どの

なに/なん (nani/nan)  what

nan used to before desu (and other forms of the copula), and nani elsewhere.

これ は なに です か。 (Kore wa nan desu ka.)  What is this?

なん です か。(Nan desu ka.) What is it?

なに が おいしい です か。(Nani ga oishii desu ka.) What is delicious ?


だれの (dare no)  whose

それ は だれの  シャツ  です か。 (sore wa dare no shatsu desu ka.)  Whose is that shirt ?

After the particle の no, you can drop the common noun if understood

それ は だれ の です か。 (sore wa dare no desu ka.) Whose is that?


どの (dono) which <noun>  or  どれ (dore) which one

Like この kono, その sono, あの ano, and どの dono must be followed by a noun.

どの くるま です か。 (Dono kuruma desu ka.) Which car is it?

どれ です か。 (Dore desu ka.) Which one is it?