Particle の (no)

In japanese, you can modify a noun by placing another noun before it.                 



えいご の ほん。(Eigo no hon) an English book

うみ の さかな。(umi no sakana) sea fish

にほんご の せんせい。(Nihongo no sensei)    

 a Japanese (language) teacher

の is the English equivalent of "of."

The particle の is also used to denote possession. It is equivalent to "'s" in English.

1.せんせい の つくえ。(sensei no tsukue)    a teacher's table

2. わたし の ねこ。(watashi no neko)    my cat

There's no limit to the number of no's you can have in a single noun phrase.

わたし の ともだち の だいがく の にほんご の せんせい の え。

(watashi no tomodachi no daigaku no Nihongo no sensei  no e)

my friend's college Japanese professor's  picture.