Respectful titles

When addressing or referring to someone, you add a respectful title after his or her name.

1.さん(-san) the most neutral respectful title, which can be used for most adults after surnames, names, titles, occupation.

やまだ さん(Yamada-san) - Mr./Ms./Mrs. Yamada

きこ さん(Kiko-san) - Kiko

いしゃ さん(isha-san) - Doctor


2.くん(-kun) is used to address men who are younger or the same age as the speaker.It is used by superiors to inferiors, by males of the same age and status to each other, and in addressing male children. Schoolteachers typically address male students using kun, while female students are addressed as san or chan.


3.ちゃん(-chan) is a form of san used to refer to children and female family members,  young children, and teenage girls , younthful woman, close friends and lovers.


4.さま(-sama) is the respectful version of san. It is used mainly to refer to people much higher in rank than oneself,business customer or client


Do not use a respectful title or professional title when addressing yourself. When you tell your name, just say your name, without the respectful title.

やまだです(Yamada desu) - I am Yamada